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Suryakalady Maha Ganapathi Temple, Nattassery, Kottayam, Kerala

Suryakaldy Maha Ganapathy Devasthanam 
Suryakaldy Maha GanapathySuryakalady Mana is located at Nattassery, near Kottayam. This ancient Brahmin Mana is famous for tantric and mantric rituals and is situated on the bank of Meenachil river. Hundreds of years ago, a member of Kaladi family had got a mantric book from Surya Deva. Thereafter the Kaladi Mana became famous as Surya Kaladi Mana and the male members of this family got the name 'Surya Kaladi Suryan Bhattathiri'. Surya Deva is considered as the Guru of Surya Kaladi Bhattathiries and Maha Ganapathy is their Upasana moorthy or Thevara moorthy. Lord Ganesha had helped the family members on different occassions.
The Maha Ganapathy idol is placed inside of the Nalukettu. Here Ganapathy is worshipped in the form of Beeja Ganapathy (Ganapathy having ten hands and accompanied by wife). The Ganapathy Homam in Suryakalady Mana is entirely different from other temples. Surya is considered as the lamp or Vilakku for the five hour long Ganapathy Homam. Ganapathy homam and Palppayasa homam are done in every morning. Mukkooti Homam and Nalikera Ganapathy Homam are the special offerings.
Vinayaka Chathurthi is the main festival at Suryakalady Mana. On that day Sahasrashtathika Ashtadravya Maha Ganapathy Homam (starts at 5am and ends at 1.30pm)is done. Special poojas like Panchavimsathi Kalasabhishekam, Maha Nivedyam and Prathyaksha Ganapathy Pooja are also performed on that day. Every sunday there will be a special Surya Pooja. Shiva Parvathy pooja is done on the first day of every month.
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