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Shree Mayureshwar Temple, Moregaon

This 14th century temple, about 60 km from Pune, takes its name from the legend attached to it.
Ganesha was once approached for help by the gods, who were being terrorized by Sindhu, a power drunk demon prince. The sun god had granted a boon to Sindhu in the form of nectar which would give him immortality as long as it remained near his navel. Mounted on a mayur or peacock, Ganesha waged war on Sindhu, removed the nectar and decapitated him. His head fell upon the village now known as Moregaon.
The black stone temple is situated in the heart of the village, which too, fans out into a peacock shape! From a distance, the temple’s four minarets give the impression of a mosque, perhaps a ploy to keep away Mughal attacks. The vermilion-coated idol is flanked by those of Ganesha’s consorts Siddhi (Capability) and Buddhi(Intellect). A cobra head is poised gracefully over Ganesha.
Above the temple entrance  is inscribed a Sanskrit verse, describing this shrine as Bhuswanand, a place of limitless bliss, equivalent to the abode of the gods.
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