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Ganesh temple in Gangtok

The mandir is small but very beautiful and attractive.The heart taking scenery all around the clean atmosphere and architecture of mandir is a heavenly delight for every visitors.The temple is situated at an altitude of about 1900 m approximately.It may be among one of the highest Ganesh temple in India.
The idol of God Ganesha in the temple is very artistic and well decorated.The idol sits on a Small Singhasana (Singhasana is a well decorated sitting chair used by the Gods and Kings in english Singhasana is called throne).This is in contrast with more common Vinayak Idols sitting on Rat.Yellow clothes covering the body of idol and a red silver bordered cloth from the top of Singhasana to the bottom of Singhansana through the side of it makes the scene a religious and heart taking one.
The worship method followed in this Ganesh Temple is very simple and is very effective in keeping the mandir clean and beautiful.There are two pots which are used to lit up agarbattis and there is a pot used to give Jal to gods.The arrangement is very simple yet beautiful.The worship place is situated on back side of the mandir and beautiful scenery of Gangtok valley is visible from the place.
Ganesh Tok is famous for God Ganesh temple but fewer people know that there is place near temple where you can try traditional Bhutan Nepal and Sikkim dress.This is fast becoming one major attraction.Photography service is also available.So you can choose which traditional dress to try (you can try all of them one by one it is not too costly) and then take a snapshot yourself or by experts.

The dresses are available in all sizes so you can try them or let your kids try them.Separate dresses are available for men and females.The dresses look good and are clean.Along with dresses they supply jewellery and other ornaments matching the dresses.
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