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Dodda Ganesha Temple in Bangalore

India’s IT capital is home to the Dodda Ganesha, the built by Kempegowda I, a 16th century chieftain and the founder of Bangalore. 
One day, Kempegowda stumbled upon a rock. Finding an etching of Ganesha on it, he commissioned sculptors to create an idol from the rock. In 1971, a grand temple was constructed to house this idol sculpted out of a single rock. At a height of 18 ft and girth of 16 ft, Satya Ganapati or Shakti Ganapati, as this idol is called, cuts an impressive figure.
This Ganesha is all white, thanks to the 100 kilos of butter that coats him from head to toe! Interestingly, his garments and features are picked out in bright colors with rather modern accessories like buttons and lace. Dressing up Ganesha is a labor of love that commences in the evening after temple hours and gets completed only by early next morning.
Is Ganesha gaining weight? It would seem so – his right side is becoming wider, judging from the decreasing gap between the idol and the wall of the sanctum. The legend grows…
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