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Ganesh and the Goddess Parvati

One day, the child Ganesh diverted himself in tormenting a cat, pulling his tail and rolling him on the ground. All of us know that children are able to injure animals but are not aware to act badly.
Just a moment after, he left the cat peaceful and went away. He even did not think about what he had done. He arrived at mount Kailash to meet again his mother Parvati. He found her badly suffering, covered with wounds and dust.
He asked her about what happened; she replied that he was responsible of this situation. Indeed, she was, just before, that cat tormented by Ganesh.
This story teaches us that all the living beings are of divine essence. If we injure a living creature, one of our companions, human or animal, we injure God Himself.
Ganesh learned this lesson and we also must learn it during our lifetime.

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